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TinyDiscoveries™ - Montessori Busy Book

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I really like this little busy board. It's sturdy, looks to be something a 2 yr. old could learn to master making it very educational. Love the zip up carrier which can be taken most anywhere with ease. Haven't given it yet but so glad I made this selection and know he will love it, as he's a busy little bee every day.”

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ - Darlene Spicer
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Hands-on learning
helps children grow by developing
cognitive and fine motor skills and encouraging creativity. Children without hands-on learning experiences may need help developing these skills due to a lack of active exploration and experimentation with real-world concepts and materials. Watching a child struggle with developmental milestones can be distressing, and the fear of a difficult future can feel overwhelming.

Introducing TinyDiscoveries™, a Montessori busy book designed for young children between the ages of 2 and 6, emphasizes hands-on learning and independent exploration. TinyDiscoveries™ features a collection of interactive activities and tasks that promote fine motor skills, cognitive development, problem-solving, and creativity. Explore the stimulating activities that promote independent play and learning, resulting in long-lasting positive effects on children's overall well-being.


 Reasons You'll Love TinyDiscoveries™

SIMPLE AND REALISTIC: TinyDiscoveries™ is simple in design and mimics real-life objects. This helps the children develop a greater appreciation and a deeper understanding of the world, promoting a sense of responsibility and capability.

OPEN-ENDED: Designed with open-ended possibilities, TinyDiscoveries™ offers both structured activities and creative, open-ended play. Children can explore various possibilities and use imagination, thereby promoting problem-solving, and critical thinking skills.


INTERACTIVE ACTIVITIES: TinyDiscoveries™ features various interactive activities that require children to manipulate objects, solve puzzles, and complete tasks. These activities promote fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination, and cognitive development.

TACTILE AND SENSORY ELEMENTS: In addition to interactive activities, TinyDiscoveries™ uses various textures, fabrics, and materials to stimulate the senses of children. This helps stimulate sensory exploration and development, and providing a hands-on learning experience.



SKILL DEVELOPMENT: Each activity in TinyDiscoveriesis designed to target specific skills or concepts, such as counting, shapes, colors, letters, or problem-solving. By engaging in these activities, children can practice and reinforce these skills in a fun and interactive way.

PORTABLE AND REUSABLE: TinyDiscoveries™ is compact and easy to carry, making them ideal for travel or on-the-go learning. They can be used repeatedly, allowing children to revisit activities and continue practicing skills over time.

We understand how concerning and disheartening it can be when children do not have access to age-appropriate play opportunities. It can be very worrying and  heartbreaking when the children struggles with developmental milestones, especially when the children become discouraged and unable to keep up with the peers. A new study suggests that hands-on learning empowers children's imagination, builds confidence, and develops valuable skills.

With TinyDiscoveries™, it is a great way to encourage children's development by providing fun and interesting activities for children to learn and grow. This offers various structured and engaging activities that promote curiosity, imagination, sensory development, and cognitive skills. Enjoy the fun activities with the children, ultimately fostering a sense of accomplishment and confidence in the children’s abilities. 


Product size: 17.7in x 12.2in (open); 8.5in x 11.2in (fold)


(1) x TinyDiscoveries™ Montessori Busy Book

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