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  • "I have tried so many sound machines and this is the only one that lasts and works amazingly well. The sounds and colors are great. My 2 year old loves it. We've taken it with to hotels too which comes in handy. It can hook up to your phone as well through an app so I can change the color or sound when I am not in the room. Wish I had bought this one sooner!”

    - Abbey

  • “I really like this little busy board. It's sturdy, looks to be something a 2 yr. old could learn to master making it very educational. Love the zip up carrier which can be taken most anywhere with ease. Haven't given it yet but so glad I made this selection and know he will love it, as he's a busy little bee every day.”

    - Darlene Spicer

  • "This mini neck massager is great. Well designed to really massage your neck like a real professional hand massage. The movement of the rollers is well designed to provide deep muscle relaxation. It is very hand free and portable. I especially appreciate the use of soft silicone massage heads that make it very comfortable. The heat function is also a great feature that I particularly like. This is an excellent product that I really enjoy. Well done."

    - Dowell

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