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PuraBreeze™ - Portable Neck Fan

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“Love it! I have to take a lot of medications and they give me hot flashes and this neck fan really helps cooling me down. I love that this neck fan cools all the way to the back of my neck. I can even wear my pull over face mask and have this blow a little air inside to keep me cool and help fight the suffocating feeling in the heat. I use this thing all day and get about 7 to 8hrs of use on low speed.”
⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ - Kim
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Warm weather can be very uncomfortable and exhausting, especially during outdoor activities, workouts, or even while commuting. This results in heavy sweating and clammy skin which not only makes it difficult to stay relaxed and comfortable but can also increase fatigue and dizziness. It affects the ability to engage in physical outdoor activities, and in some cases, disrupts quality sleep, causing restlessness and discomfort.

Introducing PuraBreeze™, a portable fan designed to help cool down body temperature during hot scorching days. PuraBreeze™ features an ergonomic U shape design that provides hands-free cooling relief, circulating air around the neck and face, helping to regulate body temperature and promote optimal comfort. Stay relaxed, comfortable, and refreshed with PuraBreeze™; embrace a dry and pleasant environment anywhere, anytime!




✅ DOUBLE-SIDED DIRECT BLOWING: PuraBreeze™ utilizes the latest cooling technology giving powerful double-sided 360° surrounding airflow. The airflow generated improves air circulation around the neck and face, providing relief from the heat and promoting a cooling sensation.

✅ BATTERY LIFE: Designed with a built-in 2000mAh high-capacity battery, PuraBreeze™ can provide continuous airflow for 9 hours. Experience the optimal level of airflow for an extended period without the need to recharge.

FIVE-SPEED STRONG WIND: With adjustable speed settings, PuraBreeze™ is equipped to suit all temperature needs and preferences. Adjustable speed allows for customized comfort and cooling relief with a simple press of a button.

HANDS-FREE: PuraBreeze™ features a simple hands-free design; it is also lightweight and compact, making it easy to carry around. Its mobility makes it convenient to take along while traveling, exercising, or engaging in outdoor activities.

STYLISH & ERGONOMIC DESIGN: Featured with an ergonomic U shape design, PuraBreeze™ is sleek and modern, adding a style to any outfit. The ergonomic shape ensures a comfortable fit around the neck for extended periods.



  1. Ensure PuraBreeze™ is fully charged before use
  2. Place PuraBreeze™ around your neck by resting the closed end against the back of your neck, the open end of the U-shape faces the front of your body
  3. Turn on PuraBreeze™ by pressing the Power button
  4. Select your preferred setting (5-speed settings)
  5. Enjoy hands-free cooling relief during hot days

We understand how uncomfortable and bothersome it can be during hot and humid weather when we are constantly sweating. It can be stressful when we are looking for ways to alleviate discomfort, whether it's by seeking shade, staying indoors with air conditioning, or enjoying a refreshing cold drink. Studies have shown that exposure to hot summer temperatures increases your heart rate, leading to discomfort, frustration, anger, and in some cases, a higher likelihood of conflicts and aggressive behavior.

PuraBreeze™ is the perfect solution to keep cool and comfortable throughout the day, simply by wearing it around the neck for a constant stream of cool air. The increased mobility and flexibility promote staying active and maintain a healthy lifestyle while relishing in the comfort and enjoyment of daily routines. Enjoy a pleasant and comfortable experience with a constant flow of cool air during hot and humid days, ultimately improving overall well-being and health.




Motor type: brush motor
Power mode: USB
Wind speed gear: 5 gears
Power: 5W
Capacity: 7000mAh



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