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NuttyCraft™ - Nut Milk Maker

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“This is amazing! I never realized how simple it would be to create my own nut milk. I have had 'real' nut milk before but found it very watery, salty, and hard to drink. When you are in control of your ingredients, the taste and quality are in your hands!”

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ - Pete C.
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With a paramount emphasis on healthy living, the pervasive issue lies in the prevalence of preservatives and additives in numerous everyday products. These undesirable additives not only undermine dietary integrity but also disrupt the normal digestive process causing bloating, and gastrointestinal discomforts. The long-term effects of consuming these unwanted elements can cause disappointment in mass-produced food choices, leading to discontent and undermining overall health and wellness.

Introducing NuttyCraft™, an innovative nut milk maker designed to elevate the journey towards healthier living. The efficient grinding mechanism ensures that every nut and seed is finely processed, while the temperature control allows heating during the blending process, yielding a creamy and flavorful base that's a canvas for health and taste. Experience the invigorating benefits of a diet unburdened by artificial elements, enhancing wellness and a life imbued with vibrancy.



EFFICIENT NUT GRINDING MECHANISM: NuttyCraft™ employs advanced grinding technology to ensure a consistent and thorough grind, breaking the ingredients into small, uniform particles. This aspect effectively preserves essential vitamins and minerals, optimizing the extraction of nutrients and flavors.

ONE-TOUCH CONTROLS: Designed with a user-friendly and intuitive interface, NuttyCraft™ is easy to use and operate. This feature ensures a simple experience, delivering convenience, and time efficiency, making the process of creating homemade nut milk a breeze.

TEMPERATURE CONTROL: NuttyCraft™ presents a fusion of precision and adaptability in nut milk preparation. It allows unique heating capability during blending, enhancing not only the texture and flavor but also the overarching quality of the nut milk creation.

✅ EASY CLEANING: Equipped with a self-clean function, NuttyCraft™ effortlessly maintains cleanliness through the straightforward selection of the Clean function. This aspect enhances convenience, fosters regular use, and effectively minimizes the time required for post-use cleaning.

✅ VERSATILE FUNCTIONALITY: Diversifying its capabilities, NuttyCraft™ extends beyond nut milk creation to crafting soups, baby food, juices, and even boiling water. This expansion broadens culinary horizons, providing a wealth of options that cater to personal taste preferences and dietary requirements.

We understand how frustrating it can be that the foods we choose might harbor ingredients contradicting our pursuit of better health. It can be very disheartening to realize that seemingly wholesome choices can harbor concealed additives, causing a disconnect between our aspirations and store shelves. According to recent studies, many store-bought plant-based milk alternatives contain artificial additives, compromising nutritional value and impacting overall well-being.

NuttyCraft™ is the perfect solution for providing homemade nut milk while empowering to have control over the quality of the food consumed. The precise grinding ensures thorough processing of nuts and seeds, while temperature control offers gentle heating, creating a rich foundation for health and flavor. Enjoy the lifestyle with NuttyCraft™ – a symphony of nutty richness, untainted purity, and the promise of brighter mornings.





Liner Material: Stainless Steel
Power: 600W
Rated Voltage: 220V
Capacity: 20.28oz
Feature: Free Filter
Suitable For: 1~3 Servings
Size: 9.44in x 6.29in x 4.72in




(1) x NuttyCraft™ - Nut Milk Maker
(1) x Power Cable
(1) x Product Manual
(1) x Cleaning Brush
(1) x Measuring Cup



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