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MilkMingle™ - Portable Baby Milk Warmer

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“This portable bottle is amazing to warm up breastmilk when we are traveling in the car or going out. I love that it doesn’t overheat the milk and beeps when ready with your desired temperature. My baby loves the milk on the warmer side so 38 C is optimal. If you rinse with water right away, you don’t have to use soap when outside.”

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ - Neve Clark

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In the context of contemporary parenthood, characterized by a fast-paced and hectic lifestyle, a seamless and stress-free feeding experience is of utmost importance. There is, however, a common challenge that can disrupt feeding time and hinder the ability to provide the maximum comfort for a little one, that is to ensure the little one’s milk is always at the perfect temperature. This challenge can be overwhelming and frustrating, affecting overall well-being and the ability to nourish and nurture little ones effectively.

Introducing MilkMingle™, a revolutionary portable milk warmer designed with convenience in mind to transform feeding time and elevate the parenting journey. MilkMingle™ utilizes advanced heating technology to achieve the perfect temperature in just minutes, ensuring a comfortable and enjoyable feeding experience; its lightweight and compact design also makes it a practical choice for on-the-go use. Experience significant improvement in caring, creating a nurturing environment, and making feeding time a breeze.




RAPID HEATING: MilkMingle™ is equipped with a wireless rapid heating mechanism in just a few minutes. This feature helps save time during feeding sessions and enables quick attention to the needs of the little one.

ADJUSTABLE TEMPERATURE SETTINGS: With adjustable temperature settings, MilkMingle™ offers precise temperature control to the desired preference. It provides a delightful and positive feeding experience and fosters a nurturing and loving relationship.

COMPACT AND LIGHTWEIGHT DESIGN: MilkMingle™ is designed to be compact and lightweight at just 8.3in x 3.4in, making it incredibly convenient to carry in a bag or stroller. Whether traveling or running errands, MilkMingle™ ensures feeding routine remains consistent.

RECHARGEABLE BATTERY: With a built-in 5200mAh rechargeable battery using Type-C charging port, MilkMingle™ provides the convenience of keeping a constant temperature for up to 8 hours. This feature gives excellent flexibility even when there's no power outlet nearby.


We understand how frustrating and helpless it can be when we cannot nourish our babies when they need it the most. It can be heart-wrenching when we are in a park, on a road trip, or stuck in traffic with a hungry crying baby, desperately wishing we could soothe them and meet their needs. Studies have shown that babies may experience digestion issues consuming cold milk, leading to discomfort and potential feeding difficulties.

MilkMingle™ is the perfect solution to streamline feeding time, enhance the ability to care for little ones and make life more manageable and enjoyable. With its advanced heating technology, MilkMingle™ offers efficient and quick heating to perfection; combined with the lightweight and compact design, it is perfect for on-the-go, hassle-free use. Enjoy the convenience, and peace of mind MilkMingle™ brings, creating a nurturing and loving environment that fosters growth and well-being.



Material: Borosilicate Glass + Stainless Steel + ABS
Capacity: 300ml
Temperature Range: 37℃ to 55℃
Battery Capacity: 5200mAh
Charging: 5V USB
Item Size: 8.3in x 3.4in
Item Weight: 580g/ 20.5oz




(1) x MilkMingle™ - Portable Baby Milk Warmer
(1) x Charging Cable



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