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LittleMarvel™ - Montessori Multiplication Table

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"My six year loves this multiplication table board. They are daily picking it up to review on their own. They are becoming familiar with the concept of multiplication in a stress-free organic way which is laying the groundwork for future success.” 

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ - J. Erickson
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Persistent difficulty in learning mathematics can negatively impact children's overall academic performance and potential future employment opportunities. This results in challenges in understanding and applying mathematical concepts, which not only impede problem-solving and logical reasoning abilities but can also cause a lack of confidence in real-world applications of mathematics. The long-term effects of a lack of understanding of mathematical concepts can cause frustration, inadequacy, and anxiety, it also hinders the ability to solve problems and navigate living effectively.

Introducing LittleMarvel™, a Montessori multiplication table designed for young children over the ages of three, emphasizes the practical application of mathematics. LittleMarvel™ features a 10x10 cylindrical board and colorful beads that allow the children to manipulate and arrange the beads, facilitating a concrete understanding of multiplication concepts and promoting hands-on learning. Explore the fun and interactive learning activities that cultivate a passion for mathematics, resulting in a lifetime of mathematical proficiency and problem-solving abilities.





HANDS-ON LEARNING: LittleMarvel™ is equipped with a 10x10 cylindrical board and colorful beads that help in developing essential recognition and understanding of multiplication. This feature enhances the knowledge of mathematical concepts, making learning more engaging and memorable.

SEQUENTIAL LEARNING: Using a sequential learning approach, LittleMarvel™ features a variety of flashcards and quizzes, gradually introducing multiplication concepts from simple to complex. This helps children promote a deeper understanding of mathematical concepts, leading to increased confidence and mastery.

: The activities in LittleMarvel™ are designed to target specific skills or concepts, such as application of mathematical concepts, multiplication techniques, counting, or problem-solving. By engaging in these activities, children can practice and reinforce these skills in a fun and interactive way.

OPEN-ENDED EXPLORATION: With open-ended exploration and creativity in mind, LittleMarvel™ allows children to experiment, discover practices, and find multiple solutions. It fosters a growth mindset, nurtures imagination and innovation, enhancing their overall cognitive development.

We understand how frustrating and overwhelming it can be when children do not have access to the appropriate structures to learn mathematics. It can be very worrying and heartbreaking when the children find it challenging to develop an understanding of the fundamentals of numerical relationships. Studies have shown that 33% of eighty-grade students in the United States struggle with mathematics, and tend to experience higher levels of stress, lower self-esteem, and reduced motivation.

With LittleMarvel™, it is the perfect addition to the children’s learning journey, providing hands-on exploration, a solid foundation in mathematics, and building fluency in multiplication facts. With its carefully designed materials and activities, children can develop essential math skills while enjoying the process of discovery and problem-solving. Watch as confidence soars and the love for learning grows, creating a brighter future filled with endless possibilities.


Material: Quality natural wood
Recommended Age: From 3 years old
Board Size: 8.85in x 8.85in




(1) x LittleMarvel™ - Montessori Multiplication Table



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