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HorizonGlow™ - Revitalizing Atmosphere Lamp

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"It comes with an app to help you set everything, and the lighting options are extensive. It's a cute and simple light up alarm clock that actually helps my kids wake up in the morning with nice sounds, and light patterns they like. It makes a great night light too."

 ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ - Dawn G.
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The existence of artificial light can significantly impact the body’s natural sleep-wake cycle. This results in difficulty falling asleep at the desired time, which not only impairs cognitive function, making it harder to focus and perform tasks efficiently, it can also increase feelings of anxiety and stress. Lack of sleep can result in excessive daytime sleepiness and fatigue, this can contribute to mood disturbances, causing irritability and mood swings.

Introducing HorizonGlow™, a revitalizing sunrise alarm clock designed to help create a consistent schedule of exposure to light. HorizonGlow™ imitates a gradual and consistent rise in light, resulting in a soft and real awakening, which aids in regulating the body’s natural sleep-wake pattern and enhances the quality of sleep. Experience the tranquil ambiance created by the gradual illumination and gentle natural sounds that elevate the morning routine, leading to a peaceful and revitalized start to the day.




GRADUAL LIGHT SIMULATION: HorizonGlow™ gradually increases the light intensity over a set time, mimicking the natural sunrise. This gentle and gradual light simulation helps to regulate the body's internal clock, signaling it to wake up slowly and naturally, resulting in a peaceful and refreshed awakening.

ADJUSTABLE LIGHT INTENSITY: With adjustable light intensity features, HorizonGlow™ is equipped to adjust the brightness of the light according to personal preferences. This feature is beneficial as it caters to sensitivities and personal preferences to help wake up more effectively.

NATURAL SOUNDS AND WHITE NOISE: Featured with natural sounds such as birds chirping, waves crashing or TV noise, HorizonGlow™ further enhances the waking experience, creating a peaceful and calming atmosphere. The pleasant sounds ensure a great start to the day in a more relaxed and positive state of mind.

WIRELESS REMOTE CONTROL: HorizonGlow™ offers wireless remote control with simple and direct operation. This feature allows hassle-free and effortless control from anywhere in the room with just a touch of a button!

MOBILE PHONE CONTROL: Alongside wireless remote control, HorizonGlow™ can be connected through SMART NIGHT LIGHT App. The intelligent control system is simple, convenient, and allows easy changes directly from a mobile device.

BLUETOOTH SPEAKER AND RGB+W LIGHTS: Specially designed features for entertainment, HorizonGlow™ can also be used as a Bluetooth speaker and RGB+W LEDs which is excellent for enhancing living spaces. Enjoy these special features for playing music with colorful lighting.



  1. Ensure HorizonGlow™ is fully charged before use
  2. Download Smart Light Light App, using the App to control the lights and sounds
  3. Change the time, date, and day settings on the HorizonGlow™
  4. Select your preferred lights and sounds 
  5. Experience a peaceful and natural awakening every morning

We understand how frustrating and annoying it is when the body's natural sleep-wake cycle is disrupted, leading to a decrease in sleep quality. It can be stressful when the constant fatigue results in excessive tiredness and, as a result, makes it difficult to concentrate, perform daily tasks and maintain productivity. Studies show long-term sleep deficiency can increase the risk of chronic health problems such as heart disease and diabetes.

HorizonGlow™ is the perfect solution to regulate the sleep-wake cycle, offering a revitalizing wake-up experience unlike any other. By simulating the sunrise, adjusting light intensity, and offering soothing sounds, HorizonGlow™ helps to establish more consistent wake times and sleep times. Enjoy a restful sleep and wake up refreshed, ultimately contributing to a healthier sleep routine and enhancing overall well-being.




Input voltage: 5V
Rated power: 10W
Product size: 210 x 75
Projection light source: LED (RGB+W)
Product weight: 615g




(1) x HorizonGlow™ Atmosphere Lamp
(1) x USB Charging Cable
(1) x User Manual
(1) x Wireless Remote Control



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