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FlexiCool™ - Portable Folding Fan

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“I used this as a bedside fan for a recent summer camp trip and loved it! Great compact size for packing, but it telescopes up and the head is moveable to blow on you a variety of positions. I mostly used it plugged in, but one night used it on battery and found that it lasted for hours. It was perfect for what I needed and I'll definitely use it again and again.”

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ - Theresa G
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Every inch of space in the luggage is precious and should be utilized wisely when embarking on travel adventures. Carrying a traditional fan can be a cumbersome and space-consuming challenge, which not only takes up valuable space but can also add unnecessary weight. The inconvenience of sacrificing valuable space for a bulky fan can dampen the travel experience, causing frustration and unnecessary stress.

Introducing FlexiCool™, a revolutionary foldable fan meticulously designed to provide travels with a space-saving cooling solution. With its compact and collapsible design, FlexiCool™ fold and collapse into a sleek and portable size seamlessly, making it easy to pack. Experience the ultimate travel companion that provides a refreshing breeze, increases comfort and convenience, and boosts overall well-being.



COMPACT DESIGN: Measuring only 8.11in x 8.11in x 4.48in, FlexiCool™ is compact and can be carried effortlessly, leaving room for other travel essentials. This feature provides on-the-go comfort and convenience when commuting, traveling, or enjoying outdoor activities.

POWERFUL PERFORMANCE: FlexiCool™ delivers a strong, revitalizing airflow that effectively combats heat. Enjoy rapid alleviation and a sense of ease, promoting a rejuvenated and concentrated state, ultimately enhancing productivity and overall well-being.

ADJUSTABLE SPEED SETTINGS: Offering multiple speed options that tailor the cooling experience to personal preference, FlexiCool™ ensures maximum comfort during use. The adjustable speed allows for customized comfort and cooling relief with a simple press of a button.

RECHARGEABLE BATTERY: Designed with a built-in 10800mAh long-lasting battery, FlexiCool™ can provide cooling solutions for extended periods. This feature helps save time and enhances the overall cooling experience.

WHISPER-QUIET OPERATION: Immerse in a peaceful environment as FlexiCool™ operates silently, allowing for improved focus and relaxation. It promotes a calm and tranquil atmosphere, positively impacting mental well-being and improving the overall quality of the environment.


We understand how frustrating and inconvenient it can be to sacrifice valuable luggage space for a bulky fan. The struggle of carrying bulky and cumbersome fans can become a burdensome weight on our travel experience, not to mention the potential for incurring additional fees due to excess baggage. Recent surveys have shown that 78% of travelers reported feeling inconvenienced when their luggage was overcrowded, negatively impacting overall travel satisfaction.

FlexiCool™ is the epitome of travel convenience, designed to elevate travel adventures to new heights. With its compact design and collapsible structure, FlexiCool™ offers flexibility to carry and store effortlessly, making the most of limited space while still providing a refreshing breeze, making it an ideal cooling solution for on-the-go use. Enjoy the freedom and improved quality of life from having FlexiCool™ as a trusted travel companion, and embrace the ease and comfort of hassle-free travel.



Applicable Output: DC 5V/2A
Output Power: 1.2~5.0W
Charging Time: 7.5h
Battery: 10800mAh
Folding Size: 8.11in x 8.11in x 4.48in
Stretching Size: 8.11in x 8.11in x 38.44in
Power connection: USB Charging Port
4 gear speed wind: (1) Gentle wind (2) Fresh wind (3) Strong wind (4) Natural wind
Built-in Warm Night Light



(1) x FlexiCool™ - Folding Portable Fan
(1) x USB Charging Cable
(1) x Infrared Remote Control
(1) x User Manual




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