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ExploreCloud™ - Kids Travel Bed

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"I got this for my friend’s 2 year old for the long-distance, international travel and they loved it. It’s easy to carry and set up in flight. And it definitely made the flight more pleasant for both the parents and the kid. Highly recommend this product!.

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ - Wei-Chieh Mu
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The joy of traveling with young children is an unforgettable and heartwarming adventure filled with laughter and discovery. However, insufficient and uncomfortable sleeping arrangements and unfamiliar sleep environments can result in restless nights, disrupted sleep routines, and heightened parental stress. This can cause an emotionally charged and challenging situation during the travel, affecting the overall quality of the trip and creating a sense of strain for all involved.

Introducing ExploreCloud™, an innovative inflatable bed crafted to fit in the airplane seat. The secure straps are strategically placed to attach to the airplane seat, while the safety bumpers act as protective barriers on the sides, providing a comfortable and safe sleep on long flights. Experience the ultimate travel companion, which not only improves the travel experience but also brings peace of mind, fostering a more enjoyable and exciting family travel adventure.



INFLATABLE DESIGN: ExploreCloud™ can be easily inflated using a pump or by blowing air into it, allowing for quick setup and deflation. It is also lightweight and easily packed into a small carrying bag, giving more space for other travel essentials.

SAFETY FEATURES: Designed with secure straps and safety bumpers, ExploreCloud™ helps to keep little one secure and comfortably in place while sleeping. The result is a safe and secure sleep space, promoting better sleep quality and peace of mind.

AIRPLANE SEAT COMPATIBILITY: ExploreCloud™ is designed to fit within the confines of an airplane seat. This provides a comfortable resting place during long flights, which can contribute to a more harmonious and enjoyable travel experience.

VERSATILE USAGE: In addition to airplane travel, ExploreCloud™ can also be used for road trips, camping, sleepovers, or as a spare bed at home. The versatility increases its value and usability, making it a practical investment for various situations.

ADJUSTABLE AIR PRESSURE: ExploreCloud™ offers customizable comfort tailored to personal preferences with adjustable air pressure. This feature ensures a perfect fit for the ideal position for restful sleep.


We understand how frustrating it can be when we are trying to make our children comfortable during long flights. It can be exhausting when the overtired child is on the brink of a meltdown, all because the lack of decent sleeping arrangements has turned into a chaotic struggle against exhaustion-induced frustration. Studies have shown that sleep deprivation during travel can have a negative impact on a child's overall well-being, affecting their mood and enjoyment of the trip.

ExploreCloud™ is the perfect solution, providing unparalleled comfort and safety during travel. With its secure straps and safety bumper, rest easy knowing that little ones will have a cozy and protected sleeping arrangement throughout the flight. Enjoy the comfort and improved quality of life from having ExploreCloud™ to provide much-needed quality sleep, creating lasting memories, and making the travel blissful and truly memorable.



Dimensions (inflated): 19.29in x 31in x 23.61in
Dimensions (folded): 8.3n x 7.9in x 3.7in


(1) x ExploreCloud™ - Kids Travel Bed
(1) x Pump
(1) x Security Strap
(1) x Carry Bag



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