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ErgoNest™ - Ergonomic Baby Carrier

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"I bought this product right now for my second baby because the one I bought for my first baby 3 years ago only had the seat and a strap that covered one shoulder. But as the weight grew, it fell on my shoulders and the end of my back. This product protects my tailbone, back and completely covers and supports my baby. I am satisfied and relax because my baby is happy and even falls asleep there. I recommend it for babies 4+."

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ - Heather M.
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Carrying a growing baby without proper support and weight distribution can have a cascading effect on physical and emotional well-being. This results in muscle strain or injury which not only is painful and uncomfortable but can also make it challenging to perform daily tasks or move around freely, having to constantly readjust the posture or hold little one in an uncomfortable position. The long-term effects can cause discomfort, and strain, ultimately leading to a frustrating and exhausting experience while carrying little one.

Introducing ErgoNest™, a revolutionary baby carrier boasting a unique hip seat feature, meticulously crafted with comfort and convenience in mind to provide an efficient solution. The padded hip seat is strategically positioned to promote proper alignment and stability while providing optimal support to alleviate strain back and shoulders by evenly distributing little one’s weight. Experience a newfound sense of freedom and ease, enhancing the ability to engage in various activities for extended periods.





ERGONOMIC DESIGN: ErgoNest™ is designed to provide optimal comfort and support little one’s natural hip and spine development. It ensures proper alignment of little one’s spine and hips, encourages hip stability, and promotes healthy development.

DETACHABLE HIP SEAT: The integrated detachable hip seat acts as a supportive base, allowing little one’s weight to be evenly distributed across the body. By relieving strain on the shoulders and upper body, this promotes comfort and ensures long-term well-being.

BREATHABLE AND WASHABLE MATERIALS: ErgoNest™ is made from breathable and machine-washable materials, ensuring optimal comfort and convenience. This feature is essential to help regulate temperatures during warmer weather.

ADJUSTABLE STRAPS: Designed with adjustable shoulder straps and waistbands, ErgoNest™ allows customizing the fit according to any body shape and size. Experience a secure and comfortable fit for an optimal baby-carrying experience.


MULTIPLE CARRYING POSITIONS: ErgoNest™ offers various carrying positions, such as front inward-facing, front outward-facing, hip carry, and back carry. The versatility allows different choices to achieve the most suitable position, developmental stage, and personal comfort for little one.

We understand the physical and emotional toll that carrying a baby can take on our backs and shoulders when we experience constant discomfort and strain. The physical exhaustion and aches in our backs and shoulders leave us feeling frustrated about not being able to enjoy the precious moments with little one. According to the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons, lifting and carrying little one daily cause a significant physical strain on the back muscles.

ErgoNest™ is the perfect solution for comfort and convenience, prioritizing little one’s safety and well-being. With its unique hip seat design, ErgoNest™ ensures proper alignment and stability while providing optimal support and weight distribution, resulting in a pain-free baby-carrying experience like never before. Experience a life of comfort, convenience, and the joy of parenthood to the fullest, all while enjoying improved posture, physical and emotional well-being.



Waistline: 27.95in to 43.31in
Length (carrier): 16.92in to 29.92in
Height (hip seat): 5.91in
Suitable age: from 4 months




(1) x ErgoNest™ - Ergonomic Baby Carrier Hip Seat



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