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StacknPlay™ - Colorful Stacking Stones

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"My daughter who’s 3.5 loves putting together obstacle courses. She usually uses books to jump on or pillows. When I found these I had to try them and I was not disappointed. They are light weight, stackable, they float in water, and they hold up to 300+ pounds. I am 148 and it felt so secure. She played with these for over an hour. Stacking them; putting them apart, jumping. Love!! I will be buying more!"

- Nathan Aquilina
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Extended periods of screen time have become commonplace for contemporary children, resulting in a lack of mental stimulation and sedentary living. The challenge lies in finding activities that provide both fun and learning, seamlessly blending entertainment with skill development. The disconnect from tangible, hands-on experiences can lead to a sense of loss, as the tactile joy of creating and building is replaced by passive screen time.

Introducing StacknPlay™, colorful stacking stones crafted to provide exciting movement activities for children aged 1 and above. StacknPlay™ inspires children to creatively build towers, landscapes, and obstacle courses, fostering both motor skills and comprehensive cognitive development. Experience the delightful and educational play that contributes to the overall development of children, promoting a healthier and more balanced lifestyle.


✅ VIBRANT COLORS: StacknPlay™ are available in vibrant colors, captivate attention and create a visually stimulating environment for creative play. This early learning benefit adds an educational element to playtime, supporting overall cognitive growth.

✅ INTERLOCKING DESIGN: With an innovative interlocking design, StacknPlay™ offer stability and allow for intricate constructions. This encourages the exploration of stable and visually appealing arrangements, fostering critical thinking and spatial awareness.

✅ SAFE AND DURABLE MATERIAL: Crafted from safe and durable materials, StacknPlay™ ensure longevity and safety during play. The durability boosts peace of mind and provides confidence to explore and create to the fullest.

✅ OPEN-ENDED PLAY: StacknPlay™ promote open-ended play, encouraging children to explore various play scenarios. The versatility in play ensures sustained engagement and entertainment for children over time.

TACTILE EXPERIENCE: The tactile nature of the stones provides a hands-on experience, contributing to sensory development. This aids children in actively engaging and improving crucial skills necessary for physical development.

We understand the frustration of seeing children miss out on the developmental benefits of hands-on play. It can be disheartening to witness the shift from active, constructive play to a more passive form of entertainment, hindering the fundamental growth experiences crucial for a child's development. Recent studies show a decline in motor skills development and creativity among children, correlating with increased screen time and a decrease in hands-on activities.

With StacknPlay™, it is a great way to introduce a balanced and enriching playtime experience where children can immerse themselves in an activity that seamlessly blends enjoyment and essential skill development. StacknPlay™ sparks children's creativity as they construct towers, landscapes, and obstacle courses, nurturing both motor skills and overall cognitive development. Enjoy the fun activities with the children, a gateway to a world of endless imagination, skill development, and pure, unbridled fun.


Material: 100% EPP (expandable polypropylene)
Recommended Age: 12 months and over
Activities: Stack, balance, spin, sort, roll, transport, and engage in endless imaginative games with StakroFlow™
Design: Waterproof, salivaproof and UV-resistant

(A) StacknPlay™ Stacking Stones
Dimensions (approximate): 10.5 in x 4.5 in
Weight: 0.4 lbs
Bearing: 396 lbs maximum
(B) StacknPlay™ Balancing Board
Dimensions (approximate): 13.9 in x 3.3 in
Weight: 0.6 lbs
Bearing: 264 lbs maximum

Note: The actual product colors may vary from those displayed on the screen, influenced by lighting conditions during product photography and variations in screen settings.

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